Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pidato Peringatan Hari Perempuan Sedunia

Tepat pada hari ini, seluruh dunia merakayan hari perempuan yang ke 102. Maka wajar Google's Doodles pun mengganti logonya untuk sekedar mengingatkan pada penggunanya. 

Hari perempuan ini diadakan untuk memperingati dan merayakan keberhasilah perempuan dalam bidang sosial, politik, dan ekonomi. Dulu perayaan ini pernah menghilang, namun dengan adanya gerakan feminisme di tahun 60-an, perayaan inipun kembali dihidupkan kembali sehingga tidak tanggung-tanggung, di tahun 1975, PBB memberikan dukungan atas perayaan ini.

Sekedar memperingatinya saja, di sini akan kita bagikan pidato tentang hari perempuan; mungkin ada di antara sobat membutuhkan contoh pidato tentang perempuan. Teks pidato ini sangat cocok jika ada sobat yang sedang mengikuti lomba pidato bahasa Inggris bertepatan dengan hari ini; atau setidaknya berdekatan dengan tanggal 8 Maret.. 

Yuk kita simak bersama....

This day, all women in the world celebrate Women’s Day. Women's Day is a day to honor women's struggle for change, to remember the progress, which has been made towards improvement of life quality of women. It is the day for confirming our commitment to the work towards the freedom of women.

As we celebrate the Women 's Day, we admit that we still have a long way to go to achieve full emancipation of women from the hardships they have experience because of their race, gender and social class.

There are many rural women having the most difficulty in accessing education, health and other basic services. They were the ones who had to go into the bushes and collect woods for families with no electricity. They literary kept the fire burning and kept families together while many rural men were in urban areas. Some women still face these challenges in their everyday life. Unfortunately, this major contribution made by women and rural women in particular has never been and is still not being valued or appreciated.

Migration is another major factor that has exposed women to several challenges including HIV and AIDS. Single sex hostels broke down the families and indirectly encouraged men to have "urban partners" while occasionally returning to their families and wives in the rural areas. Of course, this led to a spread of disease and sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

Sexual violence against women and girls and rape are issues that remain a challenge in our society. Poverty and poor living conditions have added to women's vulnerability to violence and increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. The physical trauma of violence and sexual assault have left scars and unimaginable emotional damage on many women.

We need to ask whether: "Are things getting better for rural women in this country, or are they getting worse, or are they staying the same?"
If things are getting worse, as a patriotic citizen of this country I ask why are they getting worse and what is it that I as an individual and part of a collective can do to address them?

If they are getting better, another question arises as to whether are they getting better fast enough for women who have been subjected to oppression for hundreds of years?

As a society we are all battling to come to terms with high level of violence and to deal with it. We know that the brutality of the previous regime, and the violence used against our people, has seriously affected all of us including our children.

The other major factor is that, although we still have a long way to go, our criminal justice system is improving. This has increased the reporting of cases because our people know that there is now more possibility of seeing justice being done.

Other things have improved for women in SA, including for rural women, but we still have a long way to go in reaching our targets.
Free health care for pregnant women and for children under 6 years, was a major achievement. In many communities, the poorest women who in the past had not come nor brought their children to a clinic, started to visit health facilities. Women started to book earlier at antenatal clinics and therefore, increasing the chances of safe pregnancy and delivery.

We need to encourage our women to utilize family planning services in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and when they decide to get pregnant, to use the free antenatal care services available.

I know that conditions for rural women are still difficult and that we still have a long way to go to achieve a truly healthy society. But the most important thing is that we should support all good decisions of Government who wants to help our life, especially women’s destiny to make significant progress.

We should believe that true liberation comes with socio-economic and gender emancipation. And unless we can push back the frontiers of poverty, most of the democratic advances that have been made will be in vain.

Let us stand together and assist each other in achieving our goal of a better life for all.
Thank you.

Semoga contoh pidato di atas bisa bermanfaat. Untuk semua perempuan di dunia, khususnya di Indonesia, Kartini modern, wanita karir, ibu rumah tangga, ibu guru, dan semua perempuan lainnya... semoga perjuangan kalian bermanfaat untuk semuanya...

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