Thursday, December 1, 2011

Singa Yang Mengira Dirinya Kambing

Singa pada adalah raja hutan belantara, binatang terbuas saat ini. Namun, bagaimana jika ada singa yang menganggap dirinya kambing? Yuk kita simak dongeng bahasa Inggris tentang singa yang menganggap dirinya kambing.

Once upon a time. In a jungle far away. There is a lion baby, his mother died after he born to the world. Baby lions are weak without the protection of its mother's inside, hungry and colds, the lion ask for help with his last strength. Meanwhile, a group of goats came across the place. A goat mother heard the baby lion's cry. He felt pity to see a weak lion baby and live alone.

The mother instinct to care for and protect the baby appears. The goat mother approached and tenders the lion baby with great warmth and affection. Having the warmth of affection that he needs, the lion baby does not want to part with the female goats. He continued to follow the mother goat to go anywhere. The baby lion is accepted as a part of the goat big family.

Day by day and children grow and big lion in the care of mother goats and sheep live in the community. He was feeding, eating, drinking, and playing with the kids the other goat. His behavior is like a goat. Even the young lion make a sound like a bleating goat that is not the roar! He felt that he was the goat, not unlike the other goats. He did not ever feel that he is a lion.

One day, there was a tremendous noise. A wolf goes hunting wild goats for prey. Goats panic. All fear. Older goat who also fears the lion asked the child to face the wolves.

"You're a lion, you could face the wolf! Give him a huge roar and he will definitely running scared!" the elder goat said to the lion baby. The baby lion is already looks great and sturdy, but since the little lion lives in the middle of the goat community, he did not have learn about how to became a lion, nobody teach him. The lion scared to the wolf and took shelter behind the biggest goat. He screamed bloody murder and what came out of his mouth is bleat sound, just like the other goat was not roaring. The lion could not do something when one young goat is attacked by the wolf and taken away.

The elder goat is very sad because one of her children were taken by wolves. He looked the young lion with suppuration and angry feelings, "You should be defending us! You should save your brother! Should be able to drive out the evil wolf!

Son of the lion can only be lowered his head. He does not understand why they blame him for the wolf. He was already afraid of the wolf as the other goats. The young lion felt so sad because he could not do anything.

The next day the wolf came again. Back hunt the goats to eat. This time the mother goat was caught and has been gripped by a wolf. All goats were brave enough to help. The young lion was angry to see his goat mother had been gripped by a wolf. A wolf is very surprised to see there is a lion in front of him. He let go his grip. The wolf was trembling with fear! Guts out! He resigned; he felt that day was the end of his life! With great anger the lion boy cried aloud, it's just a goat sound with strange accent. Then he retreated to the rear.

Viewing behavior of young lion, the wolf is ferocious and cunning immediately knew that that was before him was a mentally lion goat. It makes no difference with the goats. Immediately his fear disappeared. He growled angrily, and planned to eat the lion first.

Feeling that he was goat, the young lion crash his head like a goat, the wolf has been prepared with strong horses. With a little twisted the wolf tore the lion boy's face with its claws. The young lion fell and woe, such as goat moaning. The mother goat witnessed the event with great anxiety. Parent goat wondered why a stocky lion was defeated by a wolf. Is not the lion is the king of the jungle?

Without giving the slightest mercy the wolf attacking the young lion, who are still moaning. The wolf was ready to finish off the lion. At that critical moment, the mother goat who did not have the heart, with all his might hit the wolf. The wolf darted off. Lion awake.

And at that moment, an adult lion's roar came up with a vengeance.

All goats scared and docked! The young children also fear the lion and come closer. While the wolf run. As an adult lion about to pounce on the goat herd, he was surprised in the midst of the goat herd there is a young lion.

Some goats flee, others ran away. The young lion ran away too. The lion was still stunned. He wondered why children join lion ran away following the goat? He pursued young lion and said, "Hey you do not run! You're a lion, not a goat! I will not prey on young lion!

But the young lion were kept running and running. Adult lions continue to pursue. He did not chase a herd of goats, but instead pursue cubs. At last the lion was caught. The young lion who think he was goat fear the lion.

"Do not kill me, please...!"

"You're a lion, not a goat. I did not kill the young lion! "

With a struggling young lion said, "No I am a goat! Please release me! "

Lion child struggled and cried out loud. His voice was not a roar but bleat sound, just like the sound of goats.

The lion adult wonder. How any young lion could voice goats and sheep mentality? With a furious lion he dragged the boy into the lake. He must show who actually the lion child is. Once in the clear lake water, he asked the young lion saw his own shadow.

Then compare with the adult lions.

When he saw the shadow of himself, the son of the lion was shocked, "Oh my god, my face and body is same with you. Same with the lion, the king of the jungle! "

"Yes, because you actually cubs. Not the goat! "
"So I'm not a goat? I was a lion! "
"Yes you are a lion, king of the forest is authoritative and feared by the whole forest! Let me teach how to become a king of the jungle! " Lion adults said

Adult lion then lifted his head with dignity and with a loud roar. The young lion imitate the lion then, and with a loud roar. Yes roaring, vibrating throughout the forest. Not far from there vicious wolf that ran faster and faster, he fears the lion roars from the young children

Son of the lion was again shouted triumphantly, "I was a lion! Forest king gallant! "

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