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Dongeng Bahasa Inggris - Cholera, Fear & Death

Dongeng berbahasa Inggris tentang perbincangan tiga sahabat (The Three Companions) Penyakit Kolera, Rasa Takut dan Kematian. Selamat membaca....

EVERY YEAR Cholera made a visit to the Holy City of Mecca. Her companions were always Death and Fear. One year it happened that Fear came before Death and Cholera, and the gatekeeper, who did not know her, let her go into the city.

When the other two appeared before the gate of the Holy City, the watchman called angrily, "So! You come again to bring sorrow and misery, do you? And how many victims are you going to take this time, cursed Cholera?"

"Don't carry on so” Cholera said easily. "I imagine I won't take more than five hundred."

"And you, dread Death," the gatekeeper cried, turning to her. "How many people are you going to take out of the Holy City to your kingdom?"

"Oh, Til take whatever Cholera gives me," Death answered quietly.

"Well," the gatekeeper muttered, "go in. But watch out, Cholera, that you take no more than five hundred victims! You promised! And you, Death, don't you dare to take more than Cholera gives you!"

"Gatekeeper," they said together, "you can rely on our word." And side by side they passed through the opened gate and into the Holy City.

Long weeks they remained in the city, and then they called to the gatekeeper to open the gates again.

"Hmm," the gatekeeper muttered, "how many victims do you take, Cholera?"

"I did my best not to go beyond the promised number/' Cholera answered. "And so I am taking no more than four hundred and ninety/'

"Now, that sounds as if you're speaking the truth," the gatekeeper decided. He turned toward Death. "And you, Death, how many are you taking with you?"

"Oh, I am taking more than a thousand with me," Death answered at once.

The gatekeeper was horrified. "How can that be?" he cried in astonishment. "Cholera herself said she is taking only four hundred and ninety!"

"Yes," Death answered, "that is what Cholera is taking. But most of those who died were taken by Fear, who came unnoticed through your gate. One day you will know, old man, that our sister Fear does more harm and causes more deaths than Cholera!" 

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