Friday, November 11, 2011

The Translation of Footnotes

Kembali belajar memahami catatan Peter Newmark: Setelah kemarin membahas mengenai siapa sih The Perfect Translator, sekarang saatnya mengutip keterangan Newmark (1998: 151) tentang cara menerjemahkan footnote / catatan kaki. The Translation of Footnotes dijelaskan Newmark berikut ini :

The footnotes of non-literary authoritative texts should normally be closely translated as an integral part of the SL text, with the same references and in the same position. Any additional translators' notes, for the purposes of explanation or comment, to assist the new readership, should be framed: [. . . -Tr.]

In non-authoritative texts, the translator may decide to shorten, summarize or omit the footnotes if she considers them of little interest culturally or professionally, or as already known to the new readership.

In literary texts, explanatory footnotes frequently have to be expanded or added to accommodate the second readership.
(I am grateful to my former outstanding student Rhona Wilson for pointing out that no translation theorist has discussed this topic. Note that the above remarks are tentative, for the reader to react against or to assent to.)

Newmark, Peter. 1998. More Paragraphs on Translation. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters Ltd

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