Monday, November 14, 2011

(Translating) Poetry

terjemahan puisi, penerjemahan puisi, poetry translation, translating poetryPenerjemahan Puisi (Poetry) memang dianggap beberapa Ahli Penerjemahan sebagai hal yang mustahil. Namun ada juga beberapa ahli yang mengatakan bahwa menerjemahkan puisi itu bisa saja dilakukan. Seperti Andre Lavefere yang memberikan 7 Cara / Metode Penerjemahan Puisi. Lalu apa pendapat Peter Newmark tentang penerjemahan puisi? Yuk, kita pelajari catatan Peter Newmark (1998: 126) tentang menerjemahkan puisi berikut ini:

The more important the words and their order in the original, the more closely the original should be translated. Since the genre where words and their order are most important is poetry, you would expect the translation of poetry to be the closest form of translation. Far from it. This is not possible since the language of poetry includes so many additional important factors the kind of poem, poetic form, metre, connotations, rhythm, sound, including rhyme, alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, word-playwhich are missing or not so important in other types of writing. Nevertheless, poetry translation is always worth attempting, and I think the best poetry translations are miracles of closeness. (Stefan George, Roy Campbell, Pierre Leyris.)

Meskipun Newmark juga menganggap penerjemahan puisi sangat tidak mungkin dilakukan; namun Newmark juga mengajak untuk mencoba menerjemahkan puisi. Lalu, sudahkah kita mencoba menerjemahkan puisi???

Newmark, Peter. 1998. More Paragraphs on Translation. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters Ltd

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