Thursday, November 17, 2011

Translating Humour

Kembali memahami catatan Peter Newmark mengenai Translation. Kali ini adalah penjelasan Newmark (1993: 18) tentang penerjemahan teks jenaka / teks humor. Lalu apa sih penjelasan beliau? Yuk kita lihat bersama-sama :
The essence of humor is incongruity of freshness. If you see a lot of men wearing top hats and white shirts in England, you might, or might not, laugh. But not in Israel. That is culture 'shock'. If you see a lot of people wearing red bulbs on their noses, you might laugh. That is a universal, but a sense of humour is individual as well as universal and/or cultural, and besides, what is humour? Something that makes you giggle or smile or chuckle or roar? If a text is humorous, it must be well written. I suspect that one day the translators will find P.G. Wodehouse, and he will be as popular as Lewis Carroll.

Singkat ya, namanya juga catatan.... tapi bisa dipahami, kan?

Newmark, Peter. 1993. Paragraphs on Translation. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

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