Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Happy Family

Reading Bahasa Inggris - Robert and Lucy are married. They have been happily married for fifteen years. Robert works in a factory, he's a machine operator. He works from 8 to 3. Lucy works at the local supermarket. She's the supervisor of the check-out. She works part time from 10 to 2. They have four children, Mark, 14, John, 13, Hilda, 11 and Jane, 8. Mark and John go to St. Mary's Secondary school of the local County council. Hilda and Jane are still at Primary School. They live in a little cottage in Park Lane. The back of the house gives on to the park and it's a very quiet place. There is no noise, no traffic. The only noise they hear comes from the children playing in the park, or the birds in the trees. The two boys often go out with their friends at the weekends.

Sometimes they go to the school sports grounds to play football. The girls like to stay at home watching TV or playing in the garden. They have a little Yorkshire Terrier. They all like playing with the dog.


1.      How long have Robert and Lucy been married?
2.      Where does Robert work?
3.      What are his working hours?
4.      What does Lucy do?
5.      Does she work full time?
6.      What are the ages of the four children?
7.      Which school do the boys go to?
8.      What about the girls?
9.      Where do they live?
10.   What's at the back of the house?
11.  1s it a noisy street?
12.  What's the only noise they can hear?
13.  What do the boys do at the weekends?
14.  What about the girls?
15.  What sort of dog do they have?

Vocabulary :

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