Friday, November 18, 2011

Clipping - Makna dan Contoh

Clipping adalah salah satu jenis vocabulary atau kosakata bahasa Inggris kategori word-formation yang lebih dikenal dalam Morphology. bahasa Inggris. Seperti halnya Blending, clipping juga jenis vocabulary yang perlu kita ketahui. Untuk mengetahui makna clipping, mari kita pelajari penjelasan dari Yule (2010: 56) berikut ini :

The element of reduction that is noticeable in blending is even more apparent in the process described as clipping. This occurs when a word of more than one syllable (facsimile) is reduced to a shorter form (fax), usually beginning in casual speech. The term gasoline is still used, but most people talk about gas, using the clipped form. Other common examples are ad (advertisement), bra (brassiere), cab (cabriolet), condo (condominium), fan (fanatic), flu (influenza), perm (permanent wave), phone, plane and pub (public house). English speakers also like to clip each other’s names, as in Al, Ed, Liz, Mike, Ron, Sam, Sue and Tom. There must be something about educational environments that encourages clipping because so many words get reduced, as in chem, exam, gym, lab, math, phys-ed, polysci, prof and typo.
A particular type of reduction, favored in Australian and British English, produces forms technically known as hypocorisms. In this process, a longer word is reduced to a single syllable, then -y or -ie is added to the end. This is the process that results in movie (“moving pictures”) and telly (“television”). It has also produced Aussie (“Australian”), barbie (“barbecue”), bookie (“bookmaker”), brekky (“breakfast”) and hankie (“handkerchief”). You can probably guess what Chrissy pressies are.

Jadi intinya, clipping adalah pengurangan satu kata yang memiliki suku kata yang lebih dari satu menjadi satu suku kata. Bingung?

Gasoline memiliki suku kata lebih dari satu yaitu ga - so - line, disingkat menjadi satu suku kata menjadi gas saja.

Contoh Clipping beberapa di antaranya :

Facsimile = Fax
Advertisement = Ad
Fanatic = Fan
Influenza = Flu
Public House = Pub
Examination = Exam

Yule, George. 2010. The Study of Language. 4th Edition. New York: Cambridge University Press

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