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Cerita Bahasa Inggris "Nabi Ishaq"

The Well of Zamzam where water first flowed to save the lives of Hajar and Ismail, became a popular place for the caravans to stop. Some people liked the place so much they decided to stay there. 

This place became known as Makkah. One day Ibrahim had a message from Allah. He and Ismail were to build a place for people to pray. They were to build an altar, it was to be known as the Ka'aba. The angel Jibrail brought the message saying that the Ka'aba should be built near the Well of Zamzam, the most sacred place on earth.

The foundation stone for the Ka'aba was to come from heaven. It is found today in a corner of the Ka'aba and is known as the black stone. When Ibrahim was building the Ka'aba he was standing on a large rock. Allah softened the rock and the shape of Ibrahim's bare feet was left in it. It is still there, for all to see.
When Ibrahim was very old the angels came to see him and said Allah was going to give a son to him and Sarah. Sarah could not believe it was true. She too was old. The angels said that all things are possible to Allah. They said the son was to be called Ishaq. He was to be a prophet. Sure enough, Sarah did have a son and they called him Ishaq. he grew up to be a great prophet.

Ishaq married a   girl called Rebecca. They had two sons, called Esau and Yaqub. Yaqub became a great prophet. Yaqub grew up and married Zia and they had lots of children, both boys and girls. His second wife Rohsie had two sons, Yusuf and Benjamin.
Yusuf and Benjamin were very good, obedient sons and they became Yaqub's favourites because of their good behaviour.   Yusuf too grew up to be a prophet. All of these great prophets were descendents of Ibrahim. He is known as the father of all the prophets.
Muhammad (s), our great and beloved prophet, the last of all the prophets was a descendant of Ismail.

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