Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mengenang Peter Newmark

Pada tanggal 12 Juli 2011 yang lalu salah satu tokoh bidang penerjemahan, Prof. Peter Newmark, meninggal dunia pada usia ke 95 tahun. Kami ikut berbelasungkawa, dan semoga ilmu yang Prof. Newmark berikan bisa bermanfaat untuk kita semua. Untuk mengenang beliau, insyaAllah kami akan memberikan kumpulan catatan Peter Newmark.

Beberapa tokoh penerjemahan juga ikut mengenang Peter Newmark, salah satunya adalah Anthony Pym. Mengenang Prof. Newmark, Ia mengatakan:

Professor Newmark was one of the main figures in the founding of Translation Studies in the English-speaking world from the 1980s. He is widely read through a series of accessible and occasionally polemical works, the titles of which are as straightforward as the man himself: A Textbook of Translation (1988), Paragraphs on Translation (1989), About Translation (1991), More Paragraphs on Translation (1998).

From the early 1980s, Professor Newmark was associated with the founding and development of the Centre for Translation Studies at Surrey. He was chair of the editorial board of the Journal of Specialised Translation. He also wrote "Translation Now" bimonthly for The Linguist and was Vice-President, Council member, Editorial Board Member of Institute of Linguists.

Professor Newmark cared passionately about language, civilisation, and respect for great texts. His views were generally conservative, but always offered in the spirit of lively public debate.

Generations of students and scholars have built up a stock of Newmark anecdotes. He first earned my own admiration when I saw him take off his shoes to listen to a lecture (admittedly he was at the back of the lecture hall). He is much missed.

Selain Anthony Pym, tokoh lain dalam bidang penerjemahan, Margaret Rogers juga ikut mengenang Prof. Newmark. Dalam hal ini, ia mengatakan:

Known worldwide as an early pioneer of the nascent discipline of Translation Studies, our friend and colleague, Professor Newmark, has died aged 95 in his home town of Guildford. ‘Passions’ and ‘commitments’ are a common and often weakened currency in the language of the 21st century. Not so for Peter. He was truly passionate about and committed to the learning and teaching of modern languages, was vehemently opposed to restrictive changes in government policy, and dedicated his time, expertise and energies to his beloved Institute of Linguists.

For Peter, life was a matter of absolutes: truth, family, friendship, literature, music, Palestine, ethics, good translation and bad translation. In a valueless (as Peter saw it) post-modernist world, this got him into trouble in many ways and on many occasions, but it also won him friends and admirers.

In the early 1980s, Peter was a true friend to the newly born Centre for Translation Studies at Surrey, founded in the aftermath of the Thatcher government’s university cuts by Nigel Reeves and our friend and colleague Gunilla Anderman, whose own death in 2007 greatly affected Peter until the end.

Peter continued to teach and lecture in the Centre during the following decades. His final lecture at Surrey was given only two years ago to a packed room, full of students eager to see and hear the man whose books and publications they had read and learnt from.

I shared many jokes with Peter about social class, disagreed with him about corpus linguistics and lexicography, and indulged in many a welcome glass of wine. Peter’s roots were firmly planted in a close family life. Our thoughts are with Pauline, Liz and Matt.

I will miss Peter, as will not only my colleagues but also our future generations of students, whom he would have loved to go on teaching.

Selamat jalan Prof, dan mari kita lanjutkan pelajaran Peter Newmark. 

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